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Monday, November 25, 2013

Type A Yoga moving to Martinez 2014!

The new Type A Yoga: 815 Marina Vista Ave, Martinez

Type A Yoga is excited to announce our move to Martinez! We will be occupying the first floor of the historic Prosser building at Ferry and Marina Vista. We are excited to be in a location and building with enough character to match our studio culture! I am especially looking forward to the natural light and air the new building will add to our classes, as well as the close proximity to the marina, Martinez's Waterfront Park, and the Regional Parks shoreline area.

Never afraid to be the studio from the other side of the tracks, Type A Yoga will be housed near the original Amtrak station. As a result, there will be train horns! We are warning our students, although we don't believe they will be disruptive, particularly compared to some of the bangs and clangs that happen in our current location!

I recently spoke with my dentist, also a yoga practitioner and Martinez resident, who told me about two different yoga teachers she had. One, she said, never had a problem with music, cars, or ambient noise. The other, she said, had to have perfect stillness and silence. My own opinion, informed by a restorative training in the Castro district held with wide open windows, is that the world is noisy. I do not believe our job is to help you develop stability and focus in a perfectly still one. I'd rather help us all find adaptability and equanimity in this hectic world where we actually live. Your mileage may vary, and we are providing a variety of options for those of you who would rather stay in Pleasant Hill. For more on the transition, or just to take a moment for nostalgia, read this post...

This location will free us up to offer services we have been unable to offer in the past, and we are currently discussing some of these opportunities. Although parking is paid, it is ample in this area, and meters are inexpensive and do not require payment after 6 pm. The building is accessible from the Alhambra exit off of 4, or the close-by Marina Vista exit off of 680.

We are using this transition as an opportunity to review existing processes and procedures and streamline the way we do things. Although there are a number of changes in store for the next few months, we are excited about how much simpler and easier things will be for our students moving forward. Stay tuned for updates!

Sneak preview, before new paint, floors, etc.
Entry room (It has doors! and windows! and light!)

The new studio B: Windows and natural light
The new studio B: vaulted ceilings

Floor plan and Back of building... Entrance will be at front, as shown above,
although the right hand window is in the new studio A.


  1. I have to say I am thrilled that you are moving to downtown Martinez. I live a few blocks from your new place. I have been a sporadic client, coming when I can fit a class in, and having you within walking distance will make the evening classes easier for me. I wish you the best during the transition and welcome to the neighborhood!

  2. Me too! Very happy you chose downtown Martinez!

  3. Thanks for your support guys! We're excited to be back in town as well!

  4. My intention for the new year is returning to my yoga practice. Downtown Martinez is good for me